North Tours B2B Online Reservation System – Terms & Conditions

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North Tours LLC is a Destination Management Company based in Dubai-UAE, offering travel products such as accommodation, meet and greet services at airports, transfers, tours and excursions, tailor made packages and visa assistance. These terms and conditions are applicable and binding to a registered online customer/user (B2B travel trade partner).Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By accessing this site and any pages thereof, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as stated below.


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Process to register on the North Tour B2B online reservation system

  • All the services and products are available through the online reservation system/portal
  • The access of the system is only available to a registered online customer/travel trade partner
  • To get access to this portal/online reservation system a user needs to obtain Agent Login such as Agent Code, User Name and Password by registering with us. The system will be generated after necessary required information is provided by such online user and such information is verified by us including by calling for copy of travel trade license with the right validity and/or setting up agreed credit limits and further such user agrees to follow and abide these terms and conditions.
  • Upon such verification being completed to our satisfaction, such user shall then become our registered user of the North Tour B2B online reservation system.


Cash customer/user

A customer/user that wishes to have access to the our online reservation system to process bookings for all of our products at the available rates on our system and prepay for confirmed bookings prior to the payment deadline will be referred to as a “Cash Customer”

The customer also has an option to upload its company’s logo, which will be displayed on the voucher generated by the system. If the logo is not uploaded it will display the mandatory North Tours LLC logo & address. However we shall not be held responsible in any manner for breach of or violation of any intellectual rights of such a logo by the user. The customer/user understands that such an option is exercised only upon its own discretion and without attaching any rights or liabilities upon us. A maximum of 09 rooms Single/Double can be made at a given time thru the online system and this will be considered as FIT booking, more than this the agent can write to North Tours Head Office for quotation.


Payment Deadline and cancellation terms for Cash Customers

The customer/user will be provided with payment timelines/cancellation deadlines for each confirmed booking & for Each service.

The system will send a reminder mail to such Customer 24 hours before the expiry of payment/cancellation deadline. If the customer needs to cancel a particular service that is booked and confirmed then it will need to contact our reservations/Operations department via an email. Once the booking is confirmed and voucher is generated the user can cancel the booking subject to payment of necessary cancellation charges which is informed to it at the time of confirmation. If a booking is to be canceled within the cancellation deadline as this will attract cancellation charges. Details of the cancellation penalty if any will be advised in each booking.

The customer can view his customer statement on the system. We will not be sending the user any accounts statements as it is generated online. Direct amendment is not allowed from the system, the amendment request has to be generated from the system which will be received by our reservations/Operations department if a booking is to be amended within the cancellation deadline as this will attract amendment charges. Details of the amendment penalty if any will be advised in writing.


Credit Customer

A customer who desires to use our online reservation system on credit basis will be confirmed for such use only upon the credit limits so decided by us is agreed and followed by such user. Based upon the credit limit as agreed the user shall have to provide to us a floating deposit or a bank guarantee, equivalent to the value of one month's purchases along with the completed credit application. A Credit customer has access to make bookings within the cancellation period for any service booked. A user management module is available on the Manage Account to create, edit or suspend users as appropriate and individual user rights and mark ups for each user can be controlled by the Customer/user.


Payment Deadline and cancellation terms for Credit Customers

A credit customer will be provided with payment timelines/cancellation deadlines for each confirmed booking. The system will generate the necessary invoice for such confirmed booking with a view/print option to facilitate payment.

If the customer does not cancel such booking within the cancellation deadline, such bookings will automatically be cancelled from the system. For bookings that are vouchered and closed, the payment of such booking shall be automatically adjusted against the credit deposit of such user lying with us. Such customer can access our system and continue making bookings till the agreed credit limit validly exists with North Tour B2B online reservation system.

Once such deposit lying with us falls below the amount so decided by us and informed to the user, such user will not be able to access our system for making bookings any of our services until and unless the user makes the payment to us in order to make the deposit equivalent to the agreed credit limit

Once the booking is confirmed and voucher is generated by the user and thereafter the user decides to cancel such booking then the user shall have to contact us via email for placing a cancellation request for such booking. New Bookings outside cancellation policy will be processed if the available credit is above zero.

However user can only voucher it if they have sufficient balance. We reserve the right to cancel all forward bookings if the credit limit is exceed and payment is not made in a timely manner.

On the basis of whether the service provider such as hotel, tour supplier etc. levy any cancellation charge or not, we will accordingly make necessary adjustments in the account of the user lying with us. The customer can view their account lying with us through the option of customer statement on the system. We will not be sending the user any accounts statements as it is generated online.

Nationality/Passport of the guest

Rates in the online system are contracted as per the nationality .Hence while booking it is very important to mention the right nationality/the passport the guest will use while check-in/using other services, so that the system displays the correct market rates. If any booking is made with a particular nationality and guest checks in with any other nationality /different country passport this could lead to hotel cancelling the reservation / placing a penalty or directly surcharging the guest for difference in rates. North Tours will not be held responsible for any discrepancy.

Rates and Currency

All rates quoted are net and non-commissionable, inclusive of all taxes, charges and all government duties applicable at the time of generation of invoice. Invoices will be generated in the currency in which a service is booked by the user and the payment thereof must be made in the same currency.


Payments must be made within the timelines as mentioned at the time of the booking, in case of cash customers. All customers will have the facility to view their Statement of Account and credit customers will also view their Available Balance online. On the voucher date of the respective service and the value of the invoiced amount will be reduced from the available credit to reflect the current available credit on the account in real time. This is only for credit customers.


Confirmed bookings can be canceled without any charges prior to the cancellation deadline. If a booking is canceled after the cancellation deadline the charges will be displayed. On acceptance of the charges the booking can be canceled and the system will automatically generate an invoice for the charges. Bookings cannot be canceled after the check in/service date. A request should be made in writing to our reservations department to action these requests, subject to necessary cancellation charges.

Amendments of bookings

Cash customer: A product/service for which the user holds a confirmation can be amended before the payment

/cancellation deadline date. The amended request can be made through the online system. Any confirmed booking amended goes back to request status until amended confirmation is sent by North Tours. If a product/service is vouchered by the customer i.e. all payments made, and then needs amendment. The amended request has to be sent across to us via email and we will check the availability of such new amended request and come back with the amendment possibility and the same will be informed to the customer/user.

Credit customer: A product/service on confirmed status can be amended before the cancellation deadline date. The amended request can be made through the online system. Any confirmed booking amended goes back to request status until amended confirmation is sent by us. If a product/service is vouchered by the customer and then needs amendment, then this amended request can be sent across to us via email and North Tours will come back with the amendment possibility and any penalty charges applicable which will need to be borne by the customer additionally(through credit facility).


Requests for refunds will be processed only when we receive the request in writing and we have confirmed that the services have not been utilized. Refunds will be as per the terms and conditions of the booking.A period of 21 days is required to process any refund requests.

Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions and the use of the access of our system by the user shall be subject to laws of UAE.Any dispute/claim/misunderstanding arising out of any of these terms and condition between us and the user shall be initially resolved through personal negotiations and discussions between the user and North Tours LLC. In the event such dispute/claim/misunderstanding is not resolved within a period of 7 days from the date on which such negotiation or discussion had commenced then the same shall be referred to a sole arbitrator and such arbitration shall be conducted under the rules of Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC). Such arbitration shall be held at Dubai and the language shall be in English.